Honing Parts

We take a step beyond grinding!

Honing is a superfinishing process with metal shaving and with hard abrasive that is carried out on a previously ground part with the aim of increasing precision and surface quality as well as improving macro geometrical accuracy.

Our Capabilities:

Universal CNC grinding

Up to diameter 300 Up to length 1000

Internal grinding

Up to diameter 300

External grinding

Up to diameter 300 Up to length 1000

Grinding flat surfaces

Conventional with table up to 800 mm x 400 mm

CNC Turning

2 Mazak turning up to 300mm x 1000mm
1 Okuma lathe 300mm x 1000mm

CNC Milling

2 machining centers with 4-axis with table up to 1000 mm x 600 mm

Conventional machining

2 Conventional milling machines 1 Conventional lathe


Sunnen automatic honing machine


Jarbe 1300 horizontal broaching

Other Machines

Press straightening

CNC Bandsaw
Column and table drills
Micropercussion recorder